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case study
S7 Fürstenfeld motorway
recordIT via and the associated deficiency management accompany the new construction project "S7 Fürstenfelder Schnellstraße"...
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case study
Land Salzburg, area-wide wall testing
Since 2018, the province of Salzburg has been carrying out an area-wide survey of the retaining structures in the vicinity of...
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The right report template for every documentation.
As a team of civil engineers and software developers, recordIT GmbH develops sophisticated documentation software to make the areas of data collection, photo documentation or inspection simple and clear, especially in the construction industry. Uncomplicated to create, easy to edit and adaptable to all requirements and wishes.
Task management developed by our team
The software solution "operations" enables quick, comprehensible and simple data management. Starting with the initial contact with the customer, through the preparation of offers and the provision of services, to invoicing without changing systems. operations manages information in one place so that all data is always up to date and available and traceable at all times.
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Our customers & partners
We have the best customers.
Our customers are partners! They provide the impetus and motivation to continuously optimise our services in order to take reporting and digitalisation in the construction industry to a new level.
News & Announcements
There is a lot to report
Spring Festival of the Building Sign Halls 2017

The spring festival of the building sign halls was supported by a donation from recordIT.

Because there is a lot to report - "recordIT starts"

A Graz-based start-up wants to save construction companies and engineering firms time with its app. "We want to make documentation easier for engineering firms and construction companies with the app," says Grubinger, who worked in an engineering firm for six years. "So much time goes into documenting." recordIT is designed to help speed up this process: "We created an app that fills Word templates with photos and other parameters such as text or evaluation. During a walk-through, photos can be fed directly into the system by engineers." Thanks to the fast synchronisation of all data, it is possible to work on the documents in parallel.

Where the future is at home

At Science Park Graz, the start-up incubator run by the Graz universities TU Graz, Karl Franzens University and Med Uni Graz, ideas become innovations. In the area of the "digital future", these do not stop at industry or international borders. Stefan Grubinger, Managing Director of recordIT: "Digitisation forms the core of our work: recordIT makes it possible to process digital documentation accompanying construction quickly and easily. With the highest quality standards, we enrich the documentation sector and provide an essential building block for the digital future."

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