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As a team of civil engineers and software developers, recordIT GmbH develops sophisticated documentation software to make the areas of data collection, photo documentation or inspection simple and clear, especially in the construction industry. Uncomplicated to create, easy to edit and adaptable to all requirements and wishes.
Task management developed by our team
The software solution "operations" enables quick, comprehensible and simple data management. Starting with the initial contact with the customer, through the preparation of offers and the provision of services, to invoicing without changing systems. operations manages information in one place so that all data is always up to date and available and traceable at all times.
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Our customers are partners! They provide the impetus and motivation to continuously optimise our services in order to take reporting and digitalisation in the construction industry to a new level.
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recordIT has set itself the task of developing a documentation tool for engineers that supports them in the creation of standardised expert opinions, reports and protocols on a photo basis. With freely definable templates in their own corporate design, reports and lists can be structured and created on the spot according to desired requirements. The time-consuming post-processing and compilation of the report is no longer necessary, which saves a considerable amount of time. recordIT thus represents a time-efficient solution that enables new report structures without changing known and proven approaches.

Stefan Grubinger, recordIT - Digitalisation in the construction industry

"He who always does what he can already do, remains what he already is" (Henry Ford). Digitalisation is often associated with fears, but also with opportunities. The fact is that digitalisation in construction is advancing and becoming necessary. In Germany there is already a step-by-step plan for digital construction, in Switzerland digital planning, construction and operation, and in Austria Building Information Modelling. It is clear that digitalisation must make the work process simpler and more efficient. This claim is what drives us! recordIT develops documentation software tailored to the customer so that every user can create daily reports, inspections, preservation of evidence and other documentation easily and, if possible, on site.

Using technology to save more time - WOCHE Business Lunch with "recordIT"

Stefan Grubinger creates documentation tools with "recordIT" that revolutionise the construction industry! Stefan Grubinger worked as a civil engineer himself and had to invest a lot of time in documentation. He found it tedious to repeatedly enter descriptions manually and to assign data to photos over and over again. In order to find an efficient and time-saving solution for the requirements of the construction industry, he founded the company recordIT GmbH with a partner in 2017.