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S7 Fürstenfeld motorway

Photo documentation and defect handling of construction sections

recordIT via and the associated deficiency management accompany the new construction project "S7 Fürstenfelder Schnellstraße". The construction area, consisting of 2 sections with a length of 28.40 km, connects the Riegersdorf junction (A2) with the Heiligenkreuz border crossing. Both construction companies, ÖBA (local construction supervision) and specialist planners benefit from the documentation software, which was specially designed for the requirements in civil engineering. A major advantage of recordIT via is the simple recording of images for ongoing documentation. Both construction progress and defects are recorded and managed centrally. The correct location of the photos on a plan and in the GIS guarantees that the places where the photos were taken can be found quickly.

Direct keywording in the course of recording ensures clear and traceable storage of all data, which is available to the project participants in accordance with their approvals, either in full mode or as a pure "viewer" licence. The flow of information can take place without tedious reporting and always guarantees an up-to-date status. The system also enables a clear and comprehensible listing of all tasks with the associated deadlines.

  • Project duration approx. 10 years, since 2014
  • Ensuring simple, complete documentation during construction
  • Smooth flow of information from the building owner to the worker according to the tasks
  • Correct positioning
  • Central and multi-person photo documentation

We chose recordIT because we were able to expand the existing documentation tool recordIT VIA according to our new requirements and ideas. It is now possible to manage defects identified in the course of ongoing documentation in one interface.

Martin Biedermann
Geoconsult Holding ZT GmbH, Projektleitung