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Land Salzburg, area-wide wall testing

Inspection of 5000 retaining structures by external engineering firms

Since 2018, the province of Salzburg has been carrying out an area-wide survey of the retaining structures in the vicinity of the provincial roads. Project duration 5-8 years. The approximately 5,000 objects are surveyed by external engineering firms. recordIT basic enables the documentation according to templates defined together with the Land Salzburg, Department of Road Construction. On the one hand, this provides a quick impression of individual objects and, at the same time, a standardised recording of all structures.

A major advantage of recordIT basic in this context is the guarantee of comparable structures and reports and the automatic localisation in the GIS. recordIT basic allows individual objects to be located and selected on the map even afterwards. This approach minimises unnecessary interfaces and reduces costs.

  • Project duration approx. 7 - 8 years, since 2018
  • Capture of approx. 5,000 objects
  • Several external engineering offices
  • Ensure comparable structures and reports
  • Full-scale data collection in the province of Salzburg

Due to the use of recordIT BASIC for the recording of our approximately 5,000 retaining structures, we were already able to achieve an estimated cost saving of around 40% in the 1st year.

The great advantage of the software was the uniform and thus also comparable and evaluable documentation, even with the participation of different engineering offices. This not only greatly simplified the recording, but also the subsequent processing of the data.

Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Irnberger
Land Salzburg - Landesstraßenverwaltung, Leitung