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recordIT b1300/1301

Housing Graz, asset management

Object safety inspections according to ÖNORMEN B1300 & B1301

Stadt Graz - Wohnen Graz manages municipally owned flats and commercial properties and carries out all related technical processing. In addition to the administration, the tasks also include the maintenance of the buildings. Due to the legal situation, the obligatory inspections according to ÖNORMEN B1300 & B1301 have to be carried out.

recordIT B1300/1301, named after the applicable ÖNORM standards, has developed a tool that simplifies object safety test routines by clearly processing the specified test scheme. Due to the data structure already stored in the software according to the ÖNORMs, time-consuming post-processing and the tedious allocation of data are no longer necessary. Freely adaptable templates enable an individual layout and a clear arrangement of the required data. In this way, an attractive report on building safety can be created with just a few clicks during the inspection.

  • ongoing management
  • Integration of applicable ÖNORMEN (B1300 & B1301)
  • Standardised description of services

recordIT offers our ZT office the great added value that a report is processed in only one programme from the survey to the submission.

We also have the great advantage that the reports automatically have a very high recognition value and are structured in a comprehensible way.

ZT Dipl. Ing. Hannes Veitsberger
normconsult ZT GmbH, Geschäftsführung