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Underground line Weiz

Central and sustainable documentation of construction progress

As a connecting piece and infrastructure structure, the UFT-Weiz represents a significant contribution to traffic relief for Styria. In addition to the geotechnical and construction requirements of this construction section, the province of Styria focused on the documentation of construction progress and performance. Together with the software company recordIT, a pilot study was carried out in the course of this project to record data, information and images. The aim was to store and sustainably manage all information that was recorded on site in a central database from the start of construction.

In addition to the possibilities of data capture such as taking pictures or importing PDF documents, a new form of data sorting was also examined in the course of this pilot project. This is based on the assignment of keywords, which are assigned to the images or data when they are recorded, resulting in a clear sorting and easier retrieval. This function is additionally supplemented by a position-correct location of the site in relation to the street axis. As a result, information and data on construction processes or sections can be recorded in a highly efficient and traceable manner.

  • Sustainable management of central data
  • Documentation of the construction progress during construction
  • Pilot study on data collection and sorting

Since we started using recordIT VIA, we have been able to reduce the time we spend searching for photos and information by ¾.

The advantage for us is the cross-person entry and standardised filing without intermediate steps.

Ing. Michael Rappold
Land Steiermark - Abt. Verkehr und Landeshochbau, Technische Projektleitung