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Recurring inspection of the Feldkirchen underfloor route

Locate information directly on the building!

Road infrastructure structures are an essential part of the transport infrastructure and make our daily lives possible in the way we are used to. In this context, artificial structures such as bridges, tunnels and supporting structures are attributed great importance and regular inspection and monitoring is essential. The basic principles for these legally prescribed, periodic and recurring inspection and monitoring activities are anchored in the guidelines and regulations for the road sector (RVS). In accordance with these requirements, an inspection of the Feldkirchen near Graz underpass (UFT) was carried out in April 2022. Here, the software solution inspect3D from recordIT GmbH and Robotic Eyes GmbH was used for the recording and reporting. In keeping with the motto of "providing information where it is needed", the information and images collected in the course of the inspection were automatically located in the correct position on the building and provided with information according to the categories of damage. After the inspection has been carried out, this information and images "attached" to the building are available on the one hand on the building and on the other hand in a corresponding inspection report. Furthermore, the inspect3D software solution offers the possibility of viewing and retrieving this information and images in the office (on the computer) in the form of a Viewer function.

This makes it possible to manage all information from a central location (single point of truth) and to use it equally in 2D, 3D, in the office, on the construction site at the point of recording or as a report in printed form. In addition to facilitating on-site inspections, this information can also be used for subsequent inspections, resulting in a condensation of information, a transfer of the state of knowledge and maintenance, as well as time and resource savings.

  • Inventory and laser scanning during operation and without interruptions
  • Short recording time
  • low light conditions