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Documentation tool for Torrent management and communication with communities and landowners.

The legally obligatory inspection of torrents within the meaning of § 101 para. 6 of the Forest Act 1975 must be carried out at regular intervals. The aim of these inspections is to identify "dangers" and "defects" that can lead to blockages and damage and to report them to the landowner. With our recordIT WILDBACH tool, all grievances are precisely located and documented with photos during the inspection.
recordIT Wildbach enables the creation of inspection concepts with the inclusion of the local cadastre. The collected data is used to create inspection reports for municipalities and property owners who are responsible for eliminating the problems. The inspection data can be forwarded digitally to the responsible municipality or district administrative authority as required or in case of imminent danger.

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There is a lot to report
With recordIT WILDBACH, defects along banks, bridges, protection or regulation works can be documented in detail. Using the predefined queries such as dropdowns, option fields or the imported annotations, you can intuitively create comprehensible documentation during the inspection and thus save your valuable time! The created inspection reports can be sent immediately to the property owners or to the responsible district administrative authority.
One solution for all your devices
Record all data, facts and hazards quickly and easily with a mobile phone or tablet during the inspection and manage them clearly directly on the desktop. With a recordIT account, you decide on the right device for your operation.