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Our Team
We are driven by the motivation to create something new and to simplify reporting. We are a young and determined team, who brings the basics and the necessary know-how through its experience in the construction and appraisal industry.
Project management
Andreas Schüppel
DI Dr.techn.
Project management
Tabitha Remitz
Sales Lead Germany
Mike Naismith
Civil Engineer
Matthias Rebhan
BM DDI Dr.techn.
University Professor
Roman Marte
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.techn.
Technical Lead
Simon Jiménez
Software Engineer
Paul Tirk
Dr. techn. MSc BSc
Software Engineer
Jan Muratha
Software Engineer
Alexander Fröhlich
Software Engineer
Hannes Unterweger
Software Engineer
Stefanie Stejskal
Software Engineer
Marko Burazer