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City of Graz, Housing Management

Ongoing management of flats and processing of usufructuaries

City of Graz - Wohnen Graz manages about 3,500 flats with about 200-350 usability notices per year. In order to guarantee a complete documentation of the building projects, an application was developed in cooperation with "Wohnen Graz" which is specially adapted to their processes and requirements. Thus, all notices of availability are recorded in the database with site plan and master data as well as photos before the start of the project. This documentation, also known as the "single point of truth", is then available for further applications. This makes it possible to provide the craftsman with the relevant information and, in parallel, to generate different reports required for management.

In order to tailor the reports to the situation, special filters, which were defined according to the exact requirements of the customer, have proven to be very helpful and time-saving. The predefined keyword system provides a standardised description of the services and thus enables the desired data to be found quickly.

  • Ongoing management of approx. 3500 flats
  • Processing of up to 350 customisations/year
  • Joint filling of a central database by the entire department
  • Standardised description of services
  • Development of a simple and fast workflow for efficient data collection

When working with recordIT GmbH, I appreciate the open project communication. The goal was the joint development of a software solution for managing the city's 3,500 flats. The basis of our decision in favour of recordIT GmbH was that all steps were available in the programme, on screens and as a mock up even before the actual start of the project.

DI BM Edwin Hübler
Leiter der Techn. Wohnen Graz