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inspect3D: Structural inspection of 3D-captured infrastructure structures

Time saving, efficiency and quality of results
The spatial localisation, especially with regard to the long-term and cumulative documentation on the structure, as well as the creation of a digital twin of the structures provide the basis for further work and planning.
The "single source of truth" generated in this way also forms the basis for transparent reporting and time savings. As a result, closure times for infrastructure structures can be planned better and even be avoided. Photos and information collected and created in the course of inspections and tests are located on site in the 3D model of the structure and are available there for retrieval. This ensures that once information has been recorded, it is "permanently" anchored to the structure. The information can be called up via the installed tags (QR codes) along the structure.
Advantages as a building owner
All control and logs in one place
All photos and information located on the building in 2D and 3D
3D model with all information
Cumulative damage history
Master data management
3D model with the located photos as viewer software in the office
Evaluation options
Advantages for examiners
Standardised documents
No formatting by the engineer
Photos and information available at the on-site audit
Preparation of the test documents is largely omitted
Time and cost saving
Fewer sources of error

What recordIT inspect3d can do:


QR Code


CSV Files



Master data

3D location

Photo upload

Text modules

Company layout

Individual checklists

Single Point of Truth

Allocation of access rights

Combination of 2D and 3D data

Individual report templates / templates
There is a lot to report
Recorded and documented structures are directly generated as an "as-built" digital twin together with the localised documentation and are immediately available digitally after each inspection. This ensures a seamless work process, eliminates sources of error and the inspection can be retraced on the screen in the office by "moving in the tunnel". Individual reports can be created at the touch of a button according to the desired requirements and formatting, and time-consuming post-processing is no longer necessary!
One solution for all your devices
With a recordIT account you can work on up to 3 end devices in parallel on- and offline! To synchronise data and export reports, all you need is an internet connection.